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Personally, I like the look of a larger face and a slimmer band, so I opted for a watch from the Frankie Series. As I tend to always go for darker shades and blacks, I decided this time around I’ll expand my horizons with a little bit of colour. The Frankie Series comes in a variety of colour options; from green, to champagne, to plum; but I decided navy was the way to go. Not the biggest leap from the favoured darker shades, but hey, baby steps.

With the navy and zebrawood combination comes a beautiful contrast, which makes for a rich and luxurious vibe. It’s a unique watch that both men and women can wear, and its accessorizing opportunities are definitely endless.

You can check out a range of women’s JORD Wood Watches here, and men’s JORD Wood Watches here. I’ve also included the direct link to the watch I’m wearing in these pictures here. Lastly, I just wanted to mention that there is a personalization option available, in which you can engrave whatever you would like on the back of the watch or on the box it arrives in. It’ll save time on having to come up with a unique gift idea and the personalized message will be a beautiful touch that your loved one will forever cherish.

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Wooden Wristwatch Frankie Series: Zebrawood & Navy Wood Watch

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