So I know it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted here, and some of you have been wondering where I’ve gone. Well, aside from travelling in the summer, I was also taking summer school courses and doubled my semester in September. It’s definitely been time consuming, to say the least, and I’ve been hardcore slacking on the blog. But the plus side is I’ve got plenty of outfit and travel photos lined up and (almost) ready to go. 😉



This sleeveless burnt orange sweater (official name “autumn red”) is a recent purchase from Guess, and loved it so much I went back and got it in black! It’s the perfect cut for fall layering under jackets and cardigans, and will definitely keep you warm in the upcoming colder months. Pairing it with a black bomber, black knee high boots, blue jeans and black aviators kept my look casual and season- appropriate. And the orange and black just so happened to go with today’s occasion, Halloween.


I’ve linked below the exact top I’m wearing in both “black” and “autumn red.”

top: Guess | bomber jacket: Zara | jeans: RW&CO | boots: Just Fab | sunnies: Amazon


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Admit it, we all have that one pair of high heels that have never really seen the outside world, despite the fact that our legs can rival that of a model in them and our feet look oh so lady-like in photos. Want to know something that is most definitely not lady-like? Me attempting to walk in them.



It’s that pair you save for photos on a night out, changing swiftly into a significantly comfier heel or flat right after getting the money shot. Or in my case, and I’m sure all you fellow bloggers understand, it’s the shoes you save specifically for your blog shoots. Don’t let these photos fool you, there’s a lot that goes into looking natural in uncomfortable situations.



I purchased these simple black pumps in hopes of making them a staple in my work life, however that plan quickly changed. But on the plus side,  I am happy to inform you that I’ve since acquired a pair with a much lower heel, one that I can probably run marathons in. Well, probably not. But I can definitely walk in them.

jacket: Forever 21 | bodysuit: Ebay | blouse: Forever 21 | bottoms: Zara | shoes: Just Fab | sunnies: Amazon



Having never been to a warehouse sale, I had no idea what to expect before attending the Nordstrom Warehouse Sale. I pictured it to be something of unwanted clothing and accessories from seasons past, middle-aged women fighting over the last tattered Michael Kors handbag for prices similar to that of Boxing Week deals. Well, needless to say, I was wrong. About everything.



Attending Style Democracy’s Nordstorm Warehouse Sale opened my eyes up to a world of designer goodies for prices I had to triple check. Seriously. $39.99 for this Rebecca Minkoff cross body bag? I thought I was seeing things. Budgeting a little to high (a far cry from the usual overspending) did not mean I was about to put away that hard earned money into savings. Because why on earth would I do that in a room filled with clothes, shoes, bags…? So the rest went towards a Kate Spade bag, Frame dress, and one piece Pilyq bathing suit. All items purchased coming in well under $200.00.


I would say this little shopping trip was nothing short of success. I love the thrill of a fabulous deal, even more so when it’s on a fabulous piece. This means that Style Democracy is now at the top of my internet history, as it keeps you up to date on all the latest sales (warehouse included), trends, special events and etc. So yes, I do check it everyday and I will continue to check it everyday. No shame.

jacket: Zara | top: H&M | bottoms: Orsay | shoes: Native | bag: Rebecca Minkoff

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Throw on a pair of heels… and sweatpants are acceptable? I used to be on the fence about whether I liked the whole sweatpants + heels combo, but I feel if worn properly and with the appropriate colours, they can totally work.




When I’m around the house I rock my ever so stylish baggy pant and hoodie combo, but actually wearing them out in public called for a different kind of silhouette… or an actual silhouette, in my case.



I decided to pair my sweats with a basic tank from RW&CO and this “Zora” shrug from Yalivta, which is available in cream as well. The line was made for dancers, so of course the piece is so comfortable, no matter which way I move. Not that I’m planning on twisting my body or dancing in the streets, but at least I know it’s an option if I ever decide to do so.

Check out Yalivta here for more products and inspo from their own blog.

cardigan: Yalivta | top: RW&CO | bottoms: Hollister | heels: Ivanka Trump | sunnies: Amazon


Special thanks to Yalivta for partnering with me on this post

Photos by Rita Roque



This past weekend, my friend and I decided to take advantage of the above seasonal weather and take a little trip to Blue Mountain. About a two hour drive away from home, the Blue Mountain region offers natural landscapes, a beach, ski slopes and many more scenic views and activities to do.



We actually stayed at a newly renovated Airbnb in the town of Thornbury, which was a less than fifteen minute drive away from the village in Blue Mountain. Arriving just before noon, we each grabbed a London fog and treats from Thornbury Cafe Bakery. I got a gluten- free vanilla cupcake, while Brittany opted for a sticky bun to keep us energized for the day. We sat inside the coffee shop and people watched while enjoying our goodies, and noticed how tight- knit everyone in the community was. They were very welcoming, and we even had a few people chat us up as well.





Working off the treats, we walked through the single street known as the “downtown” of Thornbury and checked out some clothing and souvenir shops. Our next stop after that was The Collingwood Brewery. Here we got a tour of the brewery, a bit of a background on how beer is made, and samples of the available brews that day. Sarah was our “tour guide” and “bartender” all in one and she was an absolute gem. In the end both Brittany and I decided on the Pale Ale, and loved it so much, we both ended up taking home six packs and cute souvenir glasses.





Since the weather was amazing, we sat outside on the patio and enjoyed our beers until hunger decided to come creeping. Sarah recommended we visit North Winds Brewhouse & Eatery near the Blue Mountain village, so off we went. After finishing up our lunch, we checked into our Airbnb and took a nap.




Post nap, we decided that caffeine was highly needed in order to make it through the night, so we grabbed a cappuccino and latte from The Mill Cafe. The ambience was very romantic, having candles burning in every corner of the room and cozy tables surrounding a fireplace. We opted for the bar area, which had a chic marble counter top in an equally cozy corner of the room. The coffee did exactly what needed to be done… aka woke us up, so we got all dolled up and grabbed dinner and hung around the village for the rest of the night.





The next morning we headed down to the village and grabbed some breakfast and more lattes (you can never have enough lattes) from Royal Majesty Espresso Bar Bakery. Let’s be real… it was the name that totally got our attention, but we were in for a pleasant surprise when we ordered their breakfast sandwiches. They also offer an array of baked goods, including some jumbo donuts with crazy designs. We didn’t get anything sweet this time, but if I’m ever back in Blue, you bet I’m trying one of those donuts.




Spring is just a few weeks away, and I am beyond excited for the warmer weather to come rolling in. I love being outdoors during the warmer months, and I try to get out as much as I can when I’m not working. Since we’re surrounded by so much greenery, the trails and hiking opportunities are endless in and around the Toronto area.




In making sure the environment doesn’t degenerate anymore than it should, comes thinking responsibly and making conscious and ethical decisions. I know, I know, it may seem too overbearing at times, but it really doesn’t have to be. Simple things like buying clothing that is locally and ethically produced can help so much. The Balance Project’s clothing line makes it possible to be able to help the planet while wearing chic, and most importantly, affordable clothes.



I’m wearing the roman numerals tank from Balance. It’s a no- brainer top that you can wear anywhere (and you all know how much I love pieces like that). I’ve paired it with grey skinnys from Zara and a jean jacket from Bluenotes. I’m a little bit of a maniac for this jacket, so I apologize for the amounts of times you’ve seen it in my posts already. #nonewclothes

jacket: Bluenotes | top: The Balance Project (similar) | bottoms: Zara | shoes: Converse


Photos by Rita Roque

Special thanks to The Balance Project for partnering with me on this post

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

I’m back with another “Coffee and a Treat” post and this time around I’ll be featuring Black Goat Cafe. It’s a cute little place right on Lakeshore in Etobicoke, around a fifteen minute drive from the heart of downtown and right beside Humber College.

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

Despite it’s size, the decor in the coffee shop is so cozy and chic. Think dark wood, exposed brick, boho chic cushions and Pinterest worthy wall decor. They’ve also got a selection of books to read from and smooth running wifi. Every time I go there, the baristas are so friendly and nice. It really does make the experience that much better.

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

The cafe has a selection of coffee made from fair trade and organic beans. It’s very strong and bitter (just the way I like it), and their cookies are on a whole other level. Black Goat Cafe sells baked goods, all made in house, ranging from muffins ($2.00) to scones (app. $2.00) to of course, the infamous cookies (app. $1.50) and many more goods. My favourite is the Oreo cheesecake cookie.

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

They’ve got some amazing sandwiches ($5.00) that are also made in house, other than the buns, which come from a nearby Portuguese bakery. Everything is $6.00 or under, so no budgets will be broken while indulging in yummy goods.

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

As you can tell, I’m slightly obsessed with this place. Not only is the location convenient (I go to school right beside), but I’m also very picky with my coffee and need it to actually taste like coffee… sorry Tim Hortons. They are open 7:00am- 7:00pm everyday, except on Sundays which is 9:00am- 3:00pm. The hours are pretty limited if you work a regular nine to five day, but it’s so worth the drive and your free time if you ever decide to go.

Final rating is 9.8 / 10

sweater: Forever 21 | top: RW&CO | bottoms: American Eagle | boots: Just Fab | necklace: Reitmans


Photos by Rita Roque


I am beyond ready for the warmer weather to roll through… not only are the skirts shorter and the days longer, I find that I’m more upbeat and productive during these sunny months. I blame the vitamin D. 😉





This Winter has been a fairly mild one, with some days being *almost* acceptable to be able to put on a dress with bare legs. However, good old mother nature decided to stop by now, as we’re approaching the end of the cold. Of course she has.






I’m wearing one of my go to looks: leather jacket, black top, denim and converse. I usually opt for jeans and white converse, but switched it up with a denim skirt and black shoes instead. It’s such a easy look to pull together, and one of my go-tos on days that I don’t feel like being creative. And let’s not forget this top… it’s the epitome of me (and I’m sure majority of people) in the morning.

jacket: Winners | top: Zara | skirt: Bluenotes | shoes: Converse



I love versatile outfits that I can wear anywhere from school to working out to kicking it at home. With my busy schedule and the colder weather, I’m currently reaching for comfy tops (especially sweaters) that I can throw on top of leggings or jeans.




This sweater does just the trick. It’s simple logo and dark blue colour are both chic and practical. All B△LANCE clothing is made from organic cotton and bamboo blends, and it’s manufactured right here in Canada. The organization has also collaborated with select artists to showcase their work on their products. Check out some designs in their lookbook here!




B△LANCE is much more than just a clothing line. Part of the The Balance Project, this enterprise was founded by a group of students based out of Ottawa, Canada. Their mission is to educate young people on making a conscious effort when making consumer choices.


Making the world a better place, all while staying on trend? I like the sound of that. 😉

*For more information on The Balance Project and how you can join the movement, visit*

sweater: B △ L A N C E | bottoms: Guess | shoes: Converse


Special thanks to The Balance Project for partnering with me on this post 





Sweatpants are no longer meant for just lounging around the house (unless you have a hole in the bum, which in that case… please leave them at home). It has come to the point where you can walk out in your favourite pair of sweats with your fanciest pair of heels without fear of people looking at you like you just grew three heads.





Obviously, there is a time and place for sweatpants. As tempting as it is, please do not show up at a wedding or job interview in them. But brunch or a day of shopping? Heck yes. These days sweats come in all different colours and designs, including studs, zippers and other little details to dress them up. I love pairing mine with a low heeled bootie and dark lips.





Mixing sweatpants and leather takes street style to a whole new level. I love the edgy look that comes from pairing a pair of salt and pepper bottoms with either a leather jacket or top. And the best part about it? Comfort, of course.

top: Otis + Maclain | bottoms: Forever 21 | beanie: Bluenotes | scarf: Forever 21