Admit it, we all have that one pair of high heels that have never really seen the outside world, despite the fact that our legs can rival that of a model in them and our feet look oh so lady-like in photos. Want to know something that is most definitely not lady-like? Me attempting to walk in them.



It’s that pair you save for photos on a night out, changing swiftly into a significantly comfier heel or flat right after getting the money shot. Or in my case, and I’m sure all you fellow bloggers understand, it’s the shoes you save specifically for your blog shoots. Don’t let these photos fool you, there’s a lot that goes into looking natural in uncomfortable situations.



I purchased these simple black pumps in hopes of making them a staple in my work life, however that plan quickly changed. But on the plus side,  I am happy to inform you that I’ve since acquired a pair with a much lower heel, one that I can probably run marathons in. Well, probably not. But I can definitely walk in them.

jacket: Forever 21 | bodysuit: Ebay | blouse: Forever 21 | bottoms: Zara | shoes: Just Fab | sunnies: Amazon




So I’ve been seeing these braids everywhere lately, and I’ve always wanted to try them but given the fact that my forehead is more of a fivehead no way did I think I would flatter the style. But then I thought whatever. I’ll do as I please. Turns out they’ve become my go-to style for whenever I don’t feel like using heat or washing my hair. It’s actually quite freeing, no need to worry about flyways, losing volume or any of that hair nonsense.



I’ve come to refer to them as an accessory as well, taking a simple shirt and jeans combo up a notch, as it adds an instant casual cool vibe to any look you wear. For some odd reason, I feel like these braids look better when you have sunglasses on. Weird, I know.




coat: Forever 21 | top: J Crew | bottoms: Zara | shoes: Le Chateau | sunnies: Ray Ban


Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

I’m back with another “Coffee and a Treat” post and this time around I’ll be featuring Black Goat Cafe. It’s a cute little place right on Lakeshore in Etobicoke, around a fifteen minute drive from the heart of downtown and right beside Humber College.

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

Despite it’s size, the decor in the coffee shop is so cozy and chic. Think dark wood, exposed brick, boho chic cushions and Pinterest worthy wall decor. They’ve also got a selection of books to read from and smooth running wifi. Every time I go there, the baristas are so friendly and nice. It really does make the experience that much better.

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

The cafe has a selection of coffee made from fair trade and organic beans. It’s very strong and bitter (just the way I like it), and their cookies are on a whole other level. Black Goat Cafe sells baked goods, all made in house, ranging from muffins ($2.00) to scones (app. $2.00) to of course, the infamous cookies (app. $1.50) and many more goods. My favourite is the Oreo cheesecake cookie.

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

They’ve got some amazing sandwiches ($5.00) that are also made in house, other than the buns, which come from a nearby Portuguese bakery. Everything is $6.00 or under, so no budgets will be broken while indulging in yummy goods.

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

Printed Cardigan, Casual Style

As you can tell, I’m slightly obsessed with this place. Not only is the location convenient (I go to school right beside), but I’m also very picky with my coffee and need it to actually taste like coffee… sorry Tim Hortons. They are open 7:00am- 7:00pm everyday, except on Sundays which is 9:00am- 3:00pm. The hours are pretty limited if you work a regular nine to five day, but it’s so worth the drive and your free time if you ever decide to go.

Final rating is 9.8 / 10

sweater: Forever 21 | top: RW&CO | bottoms: American Eagle | boots: Just Fab | necklace: Reitmans


Photos by Rita Roque


Who says knitted headbands are just to keep you warm when you’re outdoors? Yes, they’re practical, and yes they keep your ears warm, but it doesn’t just stop there. These cute headbands make for a chic accessory with basically anything you wear. My simple blazer, white tee, jeans and converse look? It ain’t so simple anymore.




The headband I’m wearing is from Etsy shop Marquia Makes. It’s a handcrafted good made from yarn and acrylic, and most importantly with #loveandcaffeine. Amen sister. Along with headbands and throws, Marquia Makes has an array of super cute mason jars with various saying on them… and she’ll be adding new items to the boutique in Spring, like these pom poms I’ve got clipped onto my Kate Spade clutch!




Ever since I started rocking the pom poms on different handbags and my jacket zipper, I’ve gotten so many compliments on them. I mean… they also take a simple something and make it into something unique. And who wouldn’t want that?

Shop here for more colours and goodies: Marquia Makes

blazer: Aritzia | top: French Connection | bottoms: Bluenotes | shoes: Converse | bag: Kate Spade | headband: Marquia Makes (here)


Special thanks to Marquia Makes for partnering with me on this post





A few years back I was obsessed with wearing jewelry, and by obsessed I mean like jewelry hoarding… it wasn’t cute. I’ve cleaned up my act since then and these days like to keep my pieces simple and easy. 




My go- to items are dainty rings and over sized studs. I feel most comfortable in silver, but I do love the occasional gold and rose gold pieces as well. Lately, I’ve been reaching for these cosmic earrings from Foxy Originals. They’re a bit oversized, meaning they stand out and pairing them with red lips is just the cherry on top.



To achieve my ideal all black look I paired my leather jacket over a thin ribbed turtleneck. Adding in ripped skinny jeans and high top Converse adds a more casual vibe to the look. I finished off the look with mirrored sunglasses ($12.99 at Winners yes!) and these star earrings to add a little twinkle to my overall look.

Photos were taken by Rita Roque. Check her out here.

jacket: Reitmans | top: Winners | bottoms: RW&CO | sunnies: Winners | shoes: Converse | earrings: Foxy Originals (here)

Special thanks to Foxy Originals for partnering with me on this post