Admit it, we all have that one pair of high heels that have never really seen the outside world, despite the fact that our legs can rival that of a model in them and our feet look oh so lady-like in photos. Want to know something that is most definitely not lady-like? Me attempting to walk in them.



It’s that pair you save for photos on a night out, changing swiftly into a significantly comfier heel or flat right after getting the money shot. Or in my case, and I’m sure all you fellow bloggers understand, it’s the shoes you save specifically for your blog shoots. Don’t let these photos fool you, there’s a lot that goes into looking natural in uncomfortable situations.



I purchased these simple black pumps in hopes of making them a staple in my work life, however that plan quickly changed. But on the plus side,  I am happy to inform you that I’ve since acquired a pair with a much lower heel, one that I can probably run marathons in. Well, probably not. But I can definitely walk in them.

jacket: Forever 21 | bodysuit: Ebay | blouse: Forever 21 | bottoms: Zara | shoes: Just Fab | sunnies: Amazon





An outfit that can take you from work to weekend is always a must-have, and one of my favourite combinations is mixing casual pieces with dressier pants. Chic black boots always make an outfit look a little bit more sophisticated, but adding a cropped leather jacket into the mix adds in some edge as well. It’s the best of both worlds really.




This top can be worn with a camisole and underneath a blazer to make it work- appropriate, and then on it’s own to show some skin for when the fun begins. It’s a nice break from an otherwise all black look. I tend to lean towards all black (as I’m sure you know), so breaking it up with a sea foam colour allows me to change up my look a little, but still stay within my comfort zone.

jacket: Forever 21 | top: RW&CO | bottoms: Dynamite | shoes: Just Fab


Photos by Rita Roque


I am beyond ready for the warmer weather to roll through… not only are the skirts shorter and the days longer, I find that I’m more upbeat and productive during these sunny months. I blame the vitamin D. 😉





This Winter has been a fairly mild one, with some days being *almost* acceptable to be able to put on a dress with bare legs. However, good old mother nature decided to stop by now, as we’re approaching the end of the cold. Of course she has.






I’m wearing one of my go to looks: leather jacket, black top, denim and converse. I usually opt for jeans and white converse, but switched it up with a denim skirt and black shoes instead. It’s such a easy look to pull together, and one of my go-tos on days that I don’t feel like being creative. And let’s not forget this top… it’s the epitome of me (and I’m sure majority of people) in the morning.

jacket: Winners | top: Zara | skirt: Bluenotes | shoes: Converse






A few years back I was obsessed with wearing jewelry, and by obsessed I mean like jewelry hoarding… it wasn’t cute. I’ve cleaned up my act since then and these days like to keep my pieces simple and easy. 




My go- to items are dainty rings and over sized studs. I feel most comfortable in silver, but I do love the occasional gold and rose gold pieces as well. Lately, I’ve been reaching for these cosmic earrings from Foxy Originals. They’re a bit oversized, meaning they stand out and pairing them with red lips is just the cherry on top.



To achieve my ideal all black look I paired my leather jacket over a thin ribbed turtleneck. Adding in ripped skinny jeans and high top Converse adds a more casual vibe to the look. I finished off the look with mirrored sunglasses ($12.99 at Winners yes!) and these star earrings to add a little twinkle to my overall look.

Photos were taken by Rita Roque. Check her out here.

jacket: Reitmans | top: Winners | bottoms: RW&CO | sunnies: Winners | shoes: Converse | earrings: Foxy Originals (here)

Special thanks to Foxy Originals for partnering with me on this post