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Ever since being introduced to Ritual, ordering food as never been the same. With the fast- paced and stressful lives us Torontonians live, we’re always looking for easy solutions in finding “short cuts” and potentially cutting our time in half. With the Ritual app, I’m able to pre- order (and pre- pay) for food from 400+ locations around Toronto, for pick up or dine in. So, not only is it super convenient (no need to go looking for my somehow always misplaced wallet), but I’m saving time and money too. Saving money you may ask? Let me tell you more…


As of May 24th, as a reward for being a loyal Ritual user, you can collect points to redeem towards free food and drinks. So basically, you receive 10 points for every $1.00 spent, and if you use the app eight times a month, you gain Ritual Elite status. With this status you receive 1.5x the points, plus cool bonuses and everyday benefits.



Is it too good to be true? Nope, it’s all true. No fees or hidden strings attached, so don’t have to worry about any additional charges. All you have to do is download the free Ritual app from the App Store or Google Play and start ordering away. You’re welcome for feeding your hunger that much faster. 😉

jacket: Zara | top: Zara | bottoms: H&M | shoes: Nike | sunnies: Forever 21



Having never been to a warehouse sale, I had no idea what to expect before attending the Nordstrom Warehouse Sale. I pictured it to be something of unwanted clothing and accessories from seasons past, middle-aged women fighting over the last tattered Michael Kors handbag for prices similar to that of Boxing Week deals. Well, needless to say, I was wrong. About everything.



Attending Style Democracy’s Nordstorm Warehouse Sale opened my eyes up to a world of designer goodies for prices I had to triple check. Seriously. $39.99 for this Rebecca Minkoff cross body bag? I thought I was seeing things. Budgeting a little to high (a far cry from the usual overspending) did not mean I was about to put away that hard earned money into savings. Because why on earth would I do that in a room filled with clothes, shoes, bags…? So the rest went towards a Kate Spade bag, Frame dress, and one piece Pilyq bathing suit. All items purchased coming in well under $200.00.


I would say this little shopping trip was nothing short of success. I love the thrill of a fabulous deal, even more so when it’s on a fabulous piece. This means that Style Democracy is now at the top of my internet history, as it keeps you up to date on all the latest sales (warehouse included), trends, special events and etc. So yes, I do check it everyday and I will continue to check it everyday. No shame.

jacket: Zara | top: H&M | bottoms: Orsay | shoes: Native | bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Special thanks to Style Democracy for sponsoring this post


Who says knitted headbands are just to keep you warm when you’re outdoors? Yes, they’re practical, and yes they keep your ears warm, but it doesn’t just stop there. These cute headbands make for a chic accessory with basically anything you wear. My simple blazer, white tee, jeans and converse look? It ain’t so simple anymore.




The headband I’m wearing is from Etsy shop Marquia Makes. It’s a handcrafted good made from yarn and acrylic, and most importantly with #loveandcaffeine. Amen sister. Along with headbands and throws, Marquia Makes has an array of super cute mason jars with various saying on them… and she’ll be adding new items to the boutique in Spring, like these pom poms I’ve got clipped onto my Kate Spade clutch!




Ever since I started rocking the pom poms on different handbags and my jacket zipper, I’ve gotten so many compliments on them. I mean… they also take a simple something and make it into something unique. And who wouldn’t want that?

Shop here for more colours and goodies: Marquia Makes

blazer: Aritzia | top: French Connection | bottoms: Bluenotes | shoes: Converse | bag: Kate Spade | headband: Marquia Makes (here)


Special thanks to Marquia Makes for partnering with me on this post

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