Bench x VB


I try to stay fit and work out as consistently as I can… but I’m only human, which results in having an off week or two… which means the only work out I’m getting is hand to mouth while chomping away on something that could be healthier.


I’ve figured out a solution to when this lack of motivation comes creeping: cute work out clothes. And Bench does just the trick. I love the cool vibe their streetwear inspired collections have, and the even cooler vibe of being able to wear them to the gym. How can you not be motivated by these clothes?!


I am a big fan of black leggings, especially ones that have a firm elastic band and actually stay put. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s so hard to find a decently priced legging that has a long lasting elastic. But then again, I could be wearing them out way faster than I should be…


I’ve paired my Parya leggings and Original Overhead sweater from Bench, with simple black Nike shoes and an olive green hat from Artizia. Whenever I’m doing something active, I like to put a baseball cap on, because it keeps my hair in place and hides my face… I’m definitely not the cutest after a long, sweaty workout. So it’s either working out in the dark or putting a hat on. I choose hat.

top: Bench, Original Overhead (here)  | bottoms: Bench, Parya Legging (here) | shoes: Nike | hat: Aritzia


Special thanks to Bench for sponsoring this post 

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