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As most of you have probably seen on Instagram, I went away to Miami over the Christmas holidays. It was the first Christmas my family has ever celebrated sans colder weather and traditional holiday activities, and I’m not so sure how I felt about it. Don’t get me wrong, the weather in Miami was absolutely amazing and the whole vibe of the trip was phenomenal, but it just didn’t feel like Christmas at all. Something about those lights and decorations, the chilly air and warm fireplaces, mixed in with hot drinks and yummy treats bring together the whole ambience of the holidays. However, I was with my family and surrounded by the people I love having an absolute blast, and in the end that’s all that really matters.

These photos were from one of our nights out. We stayed at the Royal Palm in South Beach, and the night life on Ocean Drive was poppin’. This particular night we wined and dined at The Front Porch Cafe which is adjacent to the Penguin hotel, where these photos were taken (also don’t mind my big, frizzy hair… I blame the Miami heat 😉 ). Along with a huge Coco Chanel backdrop, the lobby of the hotel which is located behind the restaurant, had a spacious bar and life size chess set surrounded by cool couches and plants. Very modern seventies.

I have plenty of more looks and photos from my trip which I will be posting in upcoming blog posts. Stay tuned! xo

top: Forever 21 | bottoms: Roxy | shoes: Franco Sarto | watch: Aibi Watches (here)




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