The Beauty House Review




*I am not wearing any mascara in these photos, just eyeliner and eyeshadow.*

A few months ago, I had the chance to attend an event at The Beauty House (click here for post), and got invited back to get eyelash extensions done. Founded by Uliana and Mei, The Beauty House specializes in (you guessed it!) all things beauty. From eyebrows to sugaring to permanent makeup, The Beauty House has made quite a name for themselves in the short period of time they’ve been open for business.

I’ve never had eyelash extensions done, and I’ve heard my fair share of horror stories gone wrong, so I was kind of sceptical going in. Adjacent to the Thompson Hotel, it’s the chicest little place in the heart of Toronto. The ladies at The Beauty House are all so welcoming (and gorgeous!) and made me feel right at home. The appointment lasted about an hour, which Uliana and I chatted away with ease.

The end result turned out way better than expected, I was in complete awe!! My lashes have never looked so good. I got the Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions, which are thinner and fluffier than regular lashes, but more individual lashes are placed on each eyelid. Seriously, why can’t we be born with lashes like these? Life would be so much easier.

I’m definitely going to be back, and maybe this time I’ll try out the eyebrow extensions. Meanwhile, you can book your appointment here, and maybe I’ll even run into you. 😉

The Beauty House gets a 10/10 in my books. xo




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