#WMCFW Day Three




Melina (Lady-Like Leopard), myself, Sam (Toronto.Style), Cherie




Star Wars Presentation


Dylan Horner (The Prepfectionist), myself, and Melina (Lady-Like Leopard).



Narces Finale



Day three! And oh, what a day it was. I was FINALLY complete all my mid- terms after a stressful three days of back to back testing, followed by attending shows at Fashion Week. Day three also consisted of some of the best shows happening.

We started off the day by attending the Star Wars Presentation. Having no clue what to expect, I was in for quite the surprise when I actually saw the clothing. Absolutely stunning pieces, and of course it’s never a dull moment when the champagne is flowing.

Following the presentation, we stayed for the entirety of the night and caught the Hilary Macmillan, Narces, Pink Tartan and Mackage shows. All of them were so different and unique, but all of them were so enticing. Overall, it was a long and fulfilling day, and I was so glad I had the opportunity to see all these amazing creations.

 I wore a short yellow dress belted, with a long robe-like cardigan over top. Finishing off the look with a furry clutch and taupe OTK boots, I kept it pretty simple in comparison to some of the creations I spotted around the tents.

All photos of myself and the girls were taken by Jonathan Lee. Check him out here.

cardigan: RW&CO | dress: Forever 21 | shoes: Just Fab | clutch: H&M | sunnies: Forever 21



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