With less than a week until Christmas, and two weeks until 2017, cue the most used phrase at the end of each year… “where has the year gone?” the holidays are fast approaching. From presents, to holiday parties to food, food, food, we’ll be losing precious sleep and gaining not so precious pounds.

Despite working, holiday parties and the endless amount of running around and preparation before Christmas, I try to slip into my pyjamas and chill during this time as often as I can. And yes, that totally means I’m achieving grandma status and passing out before 9:00 pm on some nights.

As much as I love ratty old t-shirts and lived-in bottoms, it was about time I traded in the old for the new. These cat motif pyjamas from La Vie En Rose provide the same comfort and coziness as my old, ratty ones and are cute enough to lounge around the house in. Sippin’ on hot chocolate and watching holiday movies in these pjs, the early snowfall this year provided the essence of Christmas we were seriously lacking last year.

We all have that person(s) that is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for. Whether they have everything and more, or are super picky when it comes to receiving gifts, pyjamas are that one gift during the holiday season that won’t disappoint. Whether you’re male or female, a nice set will be appreciated beyond words (and put to good use).

With that said, I’ve put together a little holiday guide with my favourite picks exclusive to La Vie En Rose, to make your pyjama shopping that much easier. P.S don’t I have the cutest little Santa sitting on my lap?!

Cozy Ones:


Bottomless Ones: 


Seductive Ones:


Accessories & Fun Stuff: 

‘Tis the season for gift giving, and what better way to kick start the festivities than with a little giveaway. By entering, you’ll not only have a chance to win $75.00 to use towards your very own JORD Wood Watch, but you’ll automatically receive a $20.00 gift code just for your participation. AND there’s a Christmas delivery guarantee, so it makes for a fab gift for someone who’s deserving. ENTER HERE!

Personally, I like the look of a larger face and a slimmer band, so I opted for a watch from the Frankie Series. As I tend to always go for darker shades and blacks, I decided this time around I’ll expand my horizons with a little bit of colour. The Frankie Series comes in a variety of colour options; from green, to champagne, to plum; but I decided navy was the way to go. Not the biggest leap from the favoured darker shades, but hey, baby steps.

With the navy and zebrawood combination comes a beautiful contrast, which makes for a rich and luxurious vibe. It’s a unique watch that both men and women can wear, and its accessorizing opportunities are definitely endless.

You can check out a range of women’s JORD Wood Watches here, and men’s JORD Wood Watches here. I’ve also included the direct link to the watch I’m wearing in these pictures here. Lastly, I just wanted to mention that there is a personalization option available, in which you can engrave whatever you would like on the back of the watch or on the box it arrives in. It’ll save time on having to come up with a unique gift idea and the personalized message will be a beautiful touch that your loved one will forever cherish.

 To automatically receive $20.00 USD & for a chance to win $75.00 USD to use towards a Jord Wood Watch ENTER HERE! Good luck! 

Wooden Wristwatch Frankie Series: Zebrawood & Navy Wood Watch

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches.


Back in the day, I used to take care of my hair quite poorly. Actually, I can’t even say I really “took care of my hair.” It was bleached, dry, breaking and I put heat on it basically everyday. Oh, and I wore extensions. So you can imagine how all these things and my lack of commitment to my strands were just a recipe for disaster. And that it was.



Nowadays, I’m much darker in colour and much more conscious of what I use in my hair. I’m always on the hunt for products that are not only environmentally friendly, but will benefit and revive my hair. It’s a lot softer and healthier than it used to be, but there is always room for improvement, as my hair is naturally curly and frizzy, and is prone to getting dry. As a result of that, I still do experience a little bit of breakage on my ends.


I was thrilled to try out the new Biolage R.A.W collection with Matrix. These shampoos and conditioners contain up to 95% of natural ingredients, which are sourced from exotic locations across the world, like Morocco and Africa (hello bucket list), and the bottles are 100% recyclable. Bye- bye sulfates and chemicals and hello healthy, naturally sustained hair!


The Matrix Biology R.A.W collection has three separate lines for all different hair types. Beginning with the greyish bottles, this combo is called “Uplift” and is catered to those who have “flat, fine hair” and purifies the hair without striping it. I personally haven’t tried it, as my hair is quite thick and coarse, but I got my friend to help me out and try it. She claimed that though it didn’t create instant volume overnight, she saw a significant difference when styling her hair, as the style held throughout the day and barely fell.


The second line is called “Recover” and is made of natural ingredients like goji berry and kaolin clay. This line is meant for stressed and sensitive hair, as it helps restore it and improve the strength, shine and bounce. I tried this one out, and not only does it smell so good, it leaves my hair with a nice shine and minimal frizz. Since I’ve only washed my hair with the line only once, I feel like the results aren’t that significant yet. So I’ll keep you posted on my progress. 😉


The third line of the collection is called “Nourish.” This one is meant for dry, dull hair that helps hair turn into healthy- looking soft locks. I feel like I should be using this one as well, and my plan is to after I’ve used up “Recover.” After establishing a nice foundation with “Recover” my hair will be revived and ready for some shine and softness with this line.




Overall, I’m very happy with this line. Though I’ve washed my hair only once with it, I saw some immediate results that I know will only improve once I keep using the shampoos and conditioners. The packaging is minimal and so chic (my dad thought it was some kind of smoothie when it first arrived- don’t think results would be that effective if actually consuming 😉 ) which makes for some appealing decor in the bathroom. The ingredients are what really got me, as there are so many pretty, perfumed shampoos on the market that do nothing for your hair. This shampoo and conditioner not only benefits your hair, but keeps it smelling and looking fresh until your next wash.

You can purchase the Matrix Biolage R.A.W Collection at any Matrix Salon. Check out the store locator at www.matrixcanada.ca for exact locations and more details.

All thoughts and opinions are my own, however the product was sent as a PR sample




So I know it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted here, and some of you have been wondering where I’ve gone. Well, aside from travelling in the summer, I was also taking summer school courses and doubled my semester in September. It’s definitely been time consuming, to say the least, and I’ve been hardcore slacking on the blog. But the plus side is I’ve got plenty of outfit and travel photos lined up and (almost) ready to go. 😉



This sleeveless burnt orange sweater (official name “autumn red”) is a recent purchase from Guess, and loved it so much I went back and got it in black! It’s the perfect cut for fall layering under jackets and cardigans, and will definitely keep you warm in the upcoming colder months. Pairing it with a black bomber, black knee high boots, blue jeans and black aviators kept my look casual and season- appropriate. And the orange and black just so happened to go with today’s occasion, Halloween.


I’ve linked below the exact top I’m wearing in both “black” and “autumn red.”

top: Guess | bomber jacket: Zara | jeans: RW&CO | boots: Just Fab | sunnies: Amazon


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I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t always taken care of my skin the way I should have. Skipping days of washing off makeup before hitting the sheets due to my solid excuse of tiredness and laziness, piping hot water running down my face in the shower, or conveniently forgetting to exfoliate… is naming a few things you should never, ever do. I’m glad to say those days are behind me (for the most part), thanks to my updated skin care regimen and the skin consultation I received a few weeks ago from Mabel, co-owner of Village Wellness Spas.




Upon arrival at Sherwood Village Spas in Mississauga (there’s a Humbertown Village Spa located in Etobicoke as well), the location looked to be quite small in a fairly large plaza space, that is, until I stepped inside. Needless to say, the term “looks can be deceiving” could not have been more accurate. A spacious, yet cozy space, it’s definitely the kind of place you would want to go to unwind and relax in.



The front was set up as a shop, with clean rows of makeup and skin care products lining the shelves. Coming into the back, the area opened up to a comfortable living room-esque area where one can kick back, have a beverage and snack, and wait for their appointment to begin. It’s surrounded by several hallways and doors leading into various treatment rooms.


Jessica De Francesca, regional manager of Doctor Babor (left) and Jen Weinstein, national artist for Beauty Blender (right) applying some Doctor Babor foundation and makeup with a beauty blender.


Oh sweet Mabel, not only was she my skin technician for the evening, but she was also my photographer. At one point she even climbed up on a chair to get the perfect shot… but despite all the shenanigans we got up to, we chatted away while she rejuvenated my skin with the Doctor Babor Vita Detox Facial Treatment. She informed me that I’ve been using the wrong products on my skin, and I also learned that I was a completely different skin type than I thought I was. Big mistake on my part. My skin is oily reactive, meaning that it’s super sensitive and gets all red and flushed at any given moment, so she recommended I take home some products so they can work their magic and bring it back to life.


Post- treatment, there was plenty of mingling (and champagne) to go around as the Mabel and her sister and co-owner, Janet, were celebrating twenty- seven years with Sherwood Village Spa. I ended up taking home products from the Doctor Babor Ultimate Repair Line and Mabel and Janet’s very own, Florivera. These lines boast only the most natural of ingredients, and are very specific to a person’s skin type. They have a variety of different products and lines that are suitable for different skin conditions and skin types, so I’ll put in links below if you’re interested in purchasing any at all.



I’ve been using these products for just under three weeks now, and I can honestly say I’ve seen a major difference in my skin. It occasionally still gets a little flushed and red, but not nearly as much as it used to. The facial treatment was absolutely amazing, and it’s definitely a great way to kick start your skin care regimen and or to have as a little pick me up. I would definitely recommend checking out Sherwood Village Wellness Spa if you’re ever in the area. Heck, even if you’re not, going out of your way would totally be worth the visit.

Shop Doctor Babor here | Shop Florivera here | Village Wellness Spas here

Special thanks to Jacqueline, Janet, Mabel and all the ladies at the Sherwood Village Spa for your generous hospitality and services.



This past week and a half my social media game has been anything but strong. Being a blogger, it’s kind of expected to be posting about everything you’re doing/eating/wearing at any given moment, but it’s also good to de- stress. After all, we’re only human. It’s so refreshing to be able to put your phone down, not worry about social media and just LIVE in the moment.




I love me some vintage clothing, but finding quality vintage clothing comes with a price. A price in terms of your time (and sometimes your money). Vintage clothes shopping cannot be compared to a store in the mall, and you can’t just pop in and find what you’re looking for in a mere seconds. It takes time to find pieces that are appealing to you, that look good on and etc. And they’re more than likely one of a kind.




I’m wearing this vintage inspired top from Etsy boutique Lacen80s, and although it’s not technically vintage, I love the fact that their new clothing looks the part. The selection of clothes they have to offer boasts some major cool girl vibes, and they update their boutique on the reg. Whether you’re a vintage fanatic, or like to find unique and trendy pieces, Lacen80s is most definitely a website you want to keep bookmarked. I posted a few of my favourite pieces down below (to further prove my point) 😉

top: Lacen80s | shorts: Levis (from Artizia) | shoes: Le Chateau | sunnies: Amazon



Faux leather crop top: $39.57 CAD


Linen Chambray Romper: $39.57


Vintage Jacket & Dress Combo: $171.48


Vintage Denim Jacket: $92.34


High Waisted Pleather Pants: $31.66



Admit it, we all have that one pair of high heels that have never really seen the outside world, despite the fact that our legs can rival that of a model in them and our feet look oh so lady-like in photos. Want to know something that is most definitely not lady-like? Me attempting to walk in them.



It’s that pair you save for photos on a night out, changing swiftly into a significantly comfier heel or flat right after getting the money shot. Or in my case, and I’m sure all you fellow bloggers understand, it’s the shoes you save specifically for your blog shoots. Don’t let these photos fool you, there’s a lot that goes into looking natural in uncomfortable situations.



I purchased these simple black pumps in hopes of making them a staple in my work life, however that plan quickly changed. But on the plus side,  I am happy to inform you that I’ve since acquired a pair with a much lower heel, one that I can probably run marathons in. Well, probably not. But I can definitely walk in them.

jacket: Forever 21 | bodysuit: Ebay | blouse: Forever 21 | bottoms: Zara | shoes: Just Fab | sunnies: Amazon


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Ever since being introduced to Ritual, ordering food as never been the same. With the fast- paced and stressful lives us Torontonians live, we’re always looking for easy solutions in finding “short cuts” and potentially cutting our time in half. With the Ritual app, I’m able to pre- order (and pre- pay) for food from 400+ locations around Toronto, for pick up or dine in. So, not only is it super convenient (no need to go looking for my somehow always misplaced wallet), but I’m saving time and money too. Saving money you may ask? Let me tell you more…


As of May 24th, as a reward for being a loyal Ritual user, you can collect points to redeem towards free food and drinks. So basically, you receive 10 points for every $1.00 spent, and if you use the app eight times a month, you gain Ritual Elite status. With this status you receive 1.5x the points, plus cool bonuses and everyday benefits.



Is it too good to be true? Nope, it’s all true. No fees or hidden strings attached, so don’t have to worry about any additional charges. All you have to do is download the free Ritual app from the App Store or Google Play and start ordering away. You’re welcome for feeding your hunger that much faster. 😉

jacket: Zara | top: Zara | bottoms: H&M | shoes: Nike | sunnies: Forever 21



Combining lingerie inspired pieces, or actual lingerie itself, with the clothing hanging in your closet can be quite tasteful when done right. No, I’m not encouraging you to run around in a bra and unbuttoned cardigan per se, I’m talking more along the lines of slips, camisoles and a peek of a chic bandeau or bralette.



Sticking to a classic palette (think neutrals and monochromatic vibes) allows you to leave the house without the risk of looking like you unintentionally left the house… you know what I mean. No one wants to see your bright red lacy pieces in public, however, behind closed doors you’re free to wear whatever you want. Red included.

Avenue + Bistro Cafe served as the perfect backdrop for my all black look. The crisp white interior, combined with black detailing and marble everything provided for a complimentary setting to this subtle nineties inspired look. It really allowed the dark outfit to stand out against the stark white.

coat: Forever 21 | dress: vintage | socks: Adrene | boots: Just Fab



Having never been to a warehouse sale, I had no idea what to expect before attending the Nordstrom Warehouse Sale. I pictured it to be something of unwanted clothing and accessories from seasons past, middle-aged women fighting over the last tattered Michael Kors handbag for prices similar to that of Boxing Week deals. Well, needless to say, I was wrong. About everything.



Attending Style Democracy’s Nordstorm Warehouse Sale opened my eyes up to a world of designer goodies for prices I had to triple check. Seriously. $39.99 for this Rebecca Minkoff cross body bag? I thought I was seeing things. Budgeting a little to high (a far cry from the usual overspending) did not mean I was about to put away that hard earned money into savings. Because why on earth would I do that in a room filled with clothes, shoes, bags…? So the rest went towards a Kate Spade bag, Frame dress, and one piece Pilyq bathing suit. All items purchased coming in well under $200.00.


I would say this little shopping trip was nothing short of success. I love the thrill of a fabulous deal, even more so when it’s on a fabulous piece. This means that Style Democracy is now at the top of my internet history, as it keeps you up to date on all the latest sales (warehouse included), trends, special events and etc. So yes, I do check it everyday and I will continue to check it everyday. No shame.

jacket: Zara | top: H&M | bottoms: Orsay | shoes: Native | bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Special thanks to Style Democracy for sponsoring this post

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